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April 22, 2020

An interview with President, CEO, Amir Adnani on Steve Bannon’s War Room Radio Show.

Summary of key points discussed in the interview:

  • Uranium is required for almost 20% of U.S. electricity generation in addition to fueling America’s Nuclear Navy aircraft carriers and submarines.  At present, the domestic industry is no longer producing uranium, 100% of requirements are coming from imports or dwindling inventory.
  • The White House Nuclear Fuel Working Group (NFWG), established by President Donald J. Trump, has announced they are going to release their report on Apr 23rd(see UEC news release dated Apr 22, 2020 for more details). The report is expected to outline steps to revitalize and expand the U.S. nuclear fuel cycle, including uranium mining.
  • America is blessed with abundant domestic uranium resources that can be a competitive source of supply.  In contrast to today, free market companies in the U.S. led global production in 1980 (vs. Russia and Kazakhstan in 2020). We can advance our low cost and scalable in-situ uranium projects in the Western United States.  COVID-19 impacts on global uranium production has taken 60% of global production offline. Another argument for a robust nuclear fuel cycle in the United States. Uranium Price is up 35% in recent weeks
  • UEC controls the largest U.S. resource base of fully permitted and low-cost In-situ recovery projects in Texas and Wyoming, ideally positioned to be the leader in the resurgence of our domestic uranium mining industry.

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