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In Situ Recovery (ISR) Technology

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In Situ Recovery (ISR) Technology

In Situ Recovery (ISR) Technology

Uranium Energy Corp is employing low cost, environmentally friendly, in-situ recovery or ISR mining technology at its fully licensed projects, including Palangana, Burke Hollow, Goliad and Reno Creek uranium projects. ISR is injected-solution mining that reverses the natural process that deposited the uranium in the sandstones. On-site ground water is being fortified with gaseous oxygen and introduced to the uranium ore body through a pattern of injection wells. The solution dissolves the uranium from the sandstone host.

The uranium-bearing solution is brought back to surface through production wells where the uranium is concentrated on resin beads for trucking to the Company’s Hobson Processing Plant to be concentrated further and dried into yellowcake for market. This pattern of injection and recovery wells, plus surrounding monitor wells that serve as a safeguard, is called a wellfield.

For more information on ISR mining view the animated video below. (Turn your speaker volume on)