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Uranium Energy Corp 2017 Shareholder Letter

Dear Shareholder,

On behalf of management and the board of directors, I am pleased to report our 2017 outlook for the Company.

Before all else, I want you to know how much I appreciate your support as a shareholder and your confidence in management. Thank you!

A corner is turning in the uranium market. You can see this in the improving price for spot uranium which is up over 40% in just two months. Several factors are contributing to major change:

  • On the supply side of the uranium market, in late 2016 the uranium price dropped to a 12-year low and made many industry analysts question when we would see more production cuts by major producers. It didn't take long, and in early January 2017 the world's largest uranium miner, Kazatomprom, Kazakhstan's national uranium company that produces 40% of the world's annual supply, announced a 10% reduction in uranium production. This single action will reduce global output by approximately 4%, and comes on the heels of previous production cutbacks announced by other uranium producers in 2016.
  • On the demand side, the global growth in nuclear power capacity is clear with 60 reactors under construction worldwide. Over 20 mega-cities in Asia are facing serious air pollution crises which cannot be resolved without emission-free baseload electricity generation that only nuclear power provides. Additionally, US utilities are expected to significantly increase their spot market and long term contracting in 2017 to fill their near-term and long-term uranium requirements. The last major contracting cycle occurred in the 2005-2010 period, with many of those contracted commitments rolling off today. That period saw the uranium price react strongly and reach all-time highs.
  • The new US Administration takes energy independence seriously. Far and away, the most foreign-dependent US energy sector is imported uranium for nuclear power. US nuclear power accounts for 64% of the country's clean air electricity. The US imports 95% of its uranium, much of it from countries with elevated geopolitical risk. Domestically mined US uranium is taking on an entirely new and urgent strategic significance to American interests and energy security.
  • ISR Mining Image
  • The recent appointment of Rick Perry, former governor of Texas, as US Secretary of Energy, demonstrates the new administration's interests in developing clear pro-active measures to transform US energy policy. UEC's 12-year history coincided with Governor Perry's policies to expand energy industries in Texas. During his tenure as Governor we made significant progress, permitting two ISR uranium mines, achieving uranium production in late 2010, and making a new discovery at our Burke Hollow Project in Bee County, Texas.
  • UEC is fortunate to have a senior management team possessing a wealth of experience in both US and international uranium mining and government policy. Spencer Abraham, our executive chairman, served as the tenth US Energy Secretary in the George W. Bush Administration, devising and successfully implementing the first national energy policy in the US since the 1980's. Our Executive VP, Scott Melbye and Senior Advisor, Harry Anthony are past and current Presidents of the Uranium Producers of America, respectively. Mr. Melbye is a 30-year veteran of the uranium industry and in recent years has provided expert testimony to the House Oversight Committee on domestic uranium issues.
Company Highlights for Uranium Energy Corp.

Ideally Positioned

As market forces unfold, UEC is strategically positioned to help fill the growing demand for uranium with licensed, low-cost operations in stable jurisdictions and a strong balance sheet.

The Company has the infrastructure advantage with our fully licensed, state-of-the-art Hobson Processing Plant and a focus on a low-cost, environmentally friendly method of uranium extraction (ISR or In-Situ Recovery). To learn more about the ISR mining method, please visit this video on our website: http://www.uraniumenergy.com/projects/isr-mining. Utilizing the ISR method, we are positioned to be among the lowest cost producers in the industry.

UEC is unique in being a 100% unhedged producer, as we have purposefully avoided restrictive contracting and price ceilings with utilities during the bottom of the price cycle. This will give our investors maximum leverage and reward as uranium prices move higher.

To fulfill this strategy and due to the weakness in uranium prices over the last few years, we undertook a strategic decision to place uranium extraction on stand-by to preserve our resources, while capitalizing on this period to grow our asset base and advance our key projects through permitting. As the market improves, we are ready to re-start our operations quickly when pricing is favorable.

Lastly, we have a solid balance sheet as required to be a leading player in the coming uranium bull market. Last month, we completed an over-subscribed $26 million financing with strong interest from existing and new shareholders.

Learn about ISR Mining Method

South Texas Hub-and-Spoke Operations

UEC is executing a 'hub-and-spoke strategy' in South Texas where the Company controls five wholly-owned, ISR projects surrounding our Hobson processing plant with its two-million-pound-per-year capacity. Of the five projects, Palangana is permitted, built and production-ready. Goliad is fully permitted for extraction within its first production area. Burke Hollow is expanding in scale while progressing towards final permitting for initial production.

Of note, Burke Hollow is a new discovery made by our exploration team in 2012 and, since that time, we have drilled over 500 holes to define the current resource*. We have near-term plans to initiate a new drilling program at Burke Hollow of up to 100 delineation and resource* expansion holes. This drilling program will use our proprietary PFN drilling probes -- an innovative low-cost technology for drilling in the South Texas uranium belt. A study by the US Geological Survey ranks the South Texas Uranium Belt amongst the least explored and most prospective regions in the world for additional uranium discoveries.

See our Projects in Texas

See our Projects in Texas

The Company controls an additional 6 projects in the southwestern US with assets such as the large Anderson Project in central Arizona and our Slick Rock Project in southwestern Colorado. In Paraguay, we maintain a district-scale potential with one of the largest in-situ recoverable property positions in the world with over 750,000 acres in exploitation and exploration licenses at our Yuty and Oviedo Projects. Total historic exploration expenditures are over $50 million and include ~100,000 meters of drilling.

Additionally, UEC announced in March 2016, that the Company had entered into an agreement to acquire new non-uranium properties in Paraguay from CIC Resources. We are currently assessing several possible options to maximize shareholder value from this accretive acquisition, which is expected to be finalized in the coming months.

These and other pipeline projects demonstrate that UEC is prepared, well positioned and highly leveraged to a higher price of uranium.

For details of UEC's Project Portfolio including 43-101 Resource Reports * **, see the following section of our website: http://www.uraniumenergy.com/projects

See Details of UEC's Project Portfolio

UEC Leadership in Our Industry

Senior management is active and plays a leading role in shaping uranium policy in the US and other key international markets. Various members of our team act as advisors, speakers and board members for domestic and global uranium industry organizations, including the International Atomic Energy Agency, World Nuclear Fuel Market, Nuclear Energy Institute, and the Uranium Producers of America.

Thank you again for your confidence in management's strategy. We encourage and appreciate your ongoing support. Call me directly, or our Investor Relations department, with any questions or comments that you might have as the year ensues. Please call 1-866-748-1030 any time or email [email protected]. Visit our website at www.uraniumenergy.com to keep current on all our activities and be sure that you register your email there to receive the latest news.

Yours truly,

"Amir Adnani"

President & CEO

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Uranium Energy Corp Completes 94 Drill Holes at Burke Hollow ISR Project and Extends 2017 Campaign to September

  • 2017 drilling expands initial production area trend from 1.7 miles to 4 miles
  • 36% of the drill holes exceeded 0.3 grade-thickness (GT) cutoff and averaged 0.067% U3O8
  • Extended program to include an additional estimated 30 holes to be drilled

Corpus Christi, TX, July 25, 2017 – Uranium Energy Corp (NYSE MKT: UEC, the “Company” or “UEC”) is pleased to announce that the Company is extending the drilling campaign on its Burke Hollow in-situ recovery (“ISR”) uranium project into early September with an additional estimated 30 holes to be drilled.  Drilling commenced on April 3 this year with initial plans to drill up to 100 delineation and exploration holes through the year.  As of July 21, a total of 94 holes have been successfully completed for a total of 40,420 feet of drilling with each hole having an average depth of 430 feet.

Andy Kurrus, the Company’s VP of Resource Development stated, “The Burke Hollow project continues to develop and expand as a classic South Texas Goliad Formation model. We are very excited about the drilling results to date, and anticipate continuing resource growth throughout the multiple roll fronts present on the property.  The 2017 drilling campaign has been the most successful to date in terms of efficiency, budget and results.”

The two main objectives of this campaign are to complete the exploration and delineation drilling phase of two closely-related Goliad Formation uranium trends which will constitute Burke Hollow Production Area 1, and to further extend and expand these open-ended trends within Burke Hollow.  These trends had earlier been proven to extend over a distance of 1.7 miles, northwest to southeast, during four previous UEC drilling campaigns beginning in 2012.  Based on the recent drilling results to date, the mineralized trends have now been explored and delineated over a distance of four miles, still showing additional extension potential and strong mineralization.  Infill delineation drilling continues as required in order to develop the Production Area 1 monitoring plan.

The following table provides a detailed summary of the drilling results for 34 of the 94 test holes that exceeded 0.3 grade-thickness (GT) uranium cutoff and averaged 0.067% U3O8:

Burke Hollow 2017 Drill Holes ≥ 0.3 GT
Well ID Depth(ft) Thickness (ft)** Average
Depth(ft) Thickness (ft)** Average
DEF Sand Unit
220.5-346.5 363.5 17.5 0.042 0.726 356.0 30.0 0.083 2.491 3.4 Lower B
234.0-337.5 399.0 3.0 0.030 0.094 396.5 11.5 0.054 0.618 6.6 Lower B
238.0-337.5 387.5 4.0 0.028 0.111 387.5 9.5 0.042 0.398 3.6 Lower B
238.0-335.5 384.0 2.5 0.029 0.073 382.0 6.0 0.061 0.365 5.0 Lower B
230.0-342.5 374.5 5.0 0.310 0.156 373.5 5.0 0.098 0.492 3.2 Lower B
384.0 6.5 0.029 0.192 385.5 5.0 0.110 0.548 2.9 Lower B
235.0-335.5 383.5 5.5 0.042 0.230 383.5 7.0 0.094 0.660 2.9 Lower B
235.0-333.9 392.0 17.0 0.014 0.245 390.0 17.5 0.027 0.469 1.9 Lower B
231.5-340.5 386.5 2.0 0.024 0.047 384.0 6.5 0.059 0.381 8.1 Lower B
226.0-339.5 369.5 15.0 0.032 0.486 367.5 12.5 0.034 0.431 0.9 Lower B
229.5-341.0 379.0 19.5 0.017 0.330 369.0 18.5 0.020 0.372 1.1 Lower B
246.0-330.0 387.5 11.5 0.012 0.141 386.5 18.5 0.020 0.372 2.6 Lower B
220.0-347.5 373.0 16.5 0.017 0.277 369.5 24.5 0.025 0.623 2.2 Lower B
222.5-345.0 362.0 19.5 0.016 0.304 361.0 23.5 0.020 0.470 1.5 Lower B
217.5-358.5 367.5 6.5 0.045 0.290 367.0 7.5 0.153 1.147 4.0 Lower B
225.5-339.5 370.0 3.5 0.029 0.101 369.0 9.0 0.090 0.806 8.0 Lower B
229.5-340.5 375.5 14.5 0.024 0.344 374.0 11.5 0.035 0.408 1.2 Lower B
218.5-354.5 369.0 9.5 0.020 0.195 366.0 14.5 0.030 0.438 2.2 Lower B
220.0-348.0 380.0 9.5 0.034 0.321 381.0 9.0 0.060 0.541 1.7 Lower B
228.0-339.0 385.0 10.5 0.029 0.303 383.5 13.5 0.089 1.202 4.0 Lower B
234.0-340.5 394.5 8.5 0.033 0.282 397.0 5.5 0.063 0.348 1.2 Lower B
221.0-343.5 387.0 7.0 0.051 0.354 387.5 7.5 0.070 0.523 1.5 Lower B
221.5-346.0 366.0 10.0 0.060 0.600 374.5 5.0 0.060 0.449 0.7 Lower B
223.0-344.0 388.0 8.0 0.029 0.230 388.0 8.5 0.061 0.517 2.2 Lower B
218.5-357.0 366.5 7.5 0.029 0.216 364.5 11.5 0.047 0.539 2.5 Lower B
227.0-342.5 373.5 5.5 0.039 0.212 374.5 5.0 0.096 0.480 2.3 Lower B
382.5 5.0 0.036 0.178 382.0 4.5 0.077 0.346 1.9 Lower B
227.0-339.5 368.0 5.0 0.025 0.127 375.0 6.0 0.066 0.396 3.1 Lower B
229.5-343.0 379.5 12.0 0.039 0.469 380.0 6.5 0.058 0.377 0.8 Lower B
392.5 4.0 0.027 0.108 393.5 3.0 0.052 0.156 1.4 Lower B
220.0-350.5 365.0 11.0 0.061 0.672 363.0 8.5 0.063 0.535 0.8 Lower B
213.0-368.5 367.0 15.5 0.049 0.761 362.5 13.0 0.078 1.010 1.3 Lower B
216.5-361.0 378.5 5.0 0.051 0.256 378.5 3.5 0.093 0.327 1.3 Lower B
212.8-370.5 378.0 4.0 0.024 0.097 377.0 5.5 0.070 0.384 4.0 Lower B
216.0-360.5 370.0 6.5 0.053 0.345 369.0 7.0 0.143 0.999 2.9 Lower B
213.0-374.5 373.0 13.0 0.058 0.755 374.5 8.5 0.091 0.850 1.1 Lower B
213.3-366.4 367.5 10.5 0.043 0.449 366.5 12.5 0.091 1.135 2.5 Lower B
Averages 377.6 9.1 0.041 0.299 376.8 10.3 0.067 0.611 2.7 Lower B
*All grade values are based on Prompt Fission Neutron ("PFN") logging and denoted by pU3O8          
**Rounded to nearest tenth of a foot          

Along with the drilling results listed in the referenced table, the remaining 60 drill holes include 10 holes that had GT values ranging from 0.2 – 0.3 GT based on PFN data.  These intercepts had an average thickness of 6.3 feet with an average grade of 0.034 %pU3O8, for an average GT value of 0.237.  The data also includes 8 holes that logged GT values ranging from 0.1-0.2 GT based on PFN data.  These intercepts displayed an average thickness of 5.3’ with an average grade of 0.033 % pU3O8 with an average GT of 0.148 in the mineralized Sand.  The remaining 42 holes from this campaign range from barren to an average GT of 0.1.  The anomalous zones average 9.5 feet in thickness.

Based on the positive results to date, the Company’s geological team is extending the drilling program into early September.  An additional estimated 30 holes will be drilled, including at least two core holes to support further ISR leaching analysis.  The Burke Hollow project continues to develop as the Company’s flagship uranium project in South Texas.  The Goliad mineralization trends follow the outline of an anticlinal structure which has produced abundant natural gas and oil from multiple underlying formations.  Several miles of potential mineralized trend length remain only lightly explored to date.

The technical information in this news release has been prepared in accordance with the Canadian regulatory requirements set out in NI 43-101 and was reviewed by Clyde L. Yancey, P.G., Vice President-Exploration for the Company, a Qualified Person under NI 43-101.

About Uranium Energy Corp.

Uranium Energy Corp. is a U.S.-based uranium mining and exploration company.  The Company’s fully-licensed Hobson Processing Facility is central to all of its projects in South Texas, including the Palangana ISR mine, the permitted Goliad ISR project and the development-stage Burke Hollow ISR project.  Additionally, the Company controls a pipeline of advanced-stage projects in Arizona, Colorado and Paraguay.  The Company’s operations are managed by professionals with a recognized profile for excellence in their industry, a profile based on many decades of hands-on experience in the key facets of uranium exploration, development and mining.

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