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March 31, 2022

UEC Executive VP Scott Melbye presented testimony for the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources before the Full Committee Hearing on Opportunities and Challenges Facing Domestic Critical Mineral Mining, Processing, Refining, and Reprocessing

In his testimony, Mr. Melbye stated: ”It is an honor to testify once again before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, today on an urgent subject with grave implications for our national and energy security – the U.S.’s current reliance on our strategic competitors for critical minerals like uranium…. The continued reliable operation of the U.S. nuclear fleet requires a secure supply of uranium and nuclear fuel.

Unfortunately, Russia and its allies have in recent years employed predatory market practices to cultivate America’s dangerous reliance on the Kremlin and its allies for uranium and nuclear fuel. Almost none of the fuel needed to power America’s nuclear fleet today comes from domestic producers, while U.S. nuclear utilities purchase nearly half of the of the uranium they consume from state-owned entities (SEO) in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan.

To read the complete written testimony, please click here.

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